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Grunion Run in 2005

Bio (from San Diego Folk Heritage)

Grunion Run is what you get when you combine four talented San Diego area musicians, add heavy doses of folk, blues, and roots rock, stir in four part harmonies, passionate song writing and an ear for songs that really say something.

Grunion Run consists of four friends who have played together for years. They are John Schulz, Dean Goddette, Deb Coon and Paul Dulany. Through their many local performances, Grunion Run has formed a loyal fan base that keeps coming back for their energetic, insightful music.

Grunion Run brings together four very different talents to create a sound that, while unique, slips on like your favorite jacket.

John Schulz (keyboards, guitar, lead/backing vocals) has performed solo and with various groups in Southern California and Colorado for over 30 years. John provides the song writing that helps define the Grunion Run "sound". In styles that range from blues to ballads to protest rock, John's songs work on a personal level and give insight to the human experience. John's voice, often compared to James Taylor's, connects in a way that makes even new songs sound like familiar old friends.

Dean Goddette (acoustic/electric guitar, lead/backing vocals) brings a passion to his music that helps drive Grunion Run. Whether channeling the great blues artists of the 50's or creating new jazz-influenced solos, Dean's guitar work and vocals never fail to inspire. If you feel yourself wanting to dance, it's probably Dean!

Deb Coon (lead/backing vocals, percussion) has a voice and stage presence that once experienced can not be forgotten. She moves effortlessly from Bonnie Raitt styled blues to folk standards to the Beatles and sweeps you along on this ride as you strain not to miss a note. In addition to her lead vocals she provides the tight harmonies to many of Grunion Run's most popular songs.

Paul Dulany (bass, lead/backing vocals) is the backbone of the band. Paul's bass work provides both the framework and the excitement that comes through on every song. Paul's command of his different "babies" (an acoustic, a fretless and an electric bass) lets him move from reggae to jazz to Cajun, without missing a beat!

With this line-up it's little wonder Grunion Run is becoming one of the most sought after bands in San Diego. Their new recording "Swimmin' Against the Tide" contains 11 tracks (eight written by John Schulz) that defines the Grunion Run sound.

Come see for yourself why the Grunion Run motto: "Good Music, Good Beer," is certainly words to live by.


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